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05 May 2024

Beyond Delivery: Elevating the Last-Mile Service

In today's fast-paced world, the last mile of delivery can make or break a customer's experience. As the trend toward ecommerce continues to surge, the pressure is increasing for businesses to provide seamless, efficient, and reliable last-mile delivery services.

This article will examine the challenges of last-mile delivery and the solutions that Shipa Delivery offers to meet them.

Why the Last Mile Matters

The last mile of delivery is the moment of truth in the interaction between your company and its customers. It's the moment when their expectations are either met or shattered. It’s all about customer satisfaction—or, in the worst case, customer dissatisfaction.

A sobering reality for logistics providers is that customer expectations are becoming increasingly taxing. Consumers list speedy delivery, real-time tracking, and problem-free returns as essential services.

A January 2024 survey by the US-based Invesp consulting firm revealed that most online shoppers (80%) want same-day delivery, while 56% of those aged between 18 and 34 expect same-day delivery.

In this hyper-competitive landscape, businesses failing to fulfill modern consumers’ demands for instant gratification risk losing out to competitors who match this need for speed.

However, getting orders to customers on the day of order significantly adds to the enormous challenges facing logistics providers.

From traffic congestion and unpredictable weather to the complexities of urban delivery routes, navigating the final leg of the supply chain can be fraught with obstacles—without adding the pressure of time into the mix.

Traditional delivery models often struggle to cope with these challenges, leading to delays, missed deliveries, and frustrated customers.

Customers’ Main Frustrations

The British Retail Consortium, a professional body for retailers, has identified the following main customer complaints about last-mile services:

• Late deliveries.

• Deliveries when customers are out.

• Inflexible or inconsistent delivery options.

• Damaged parcels.

• Lack of communication and tracking visibility

• Poor returns service.

Each of these issues alone is enough to turn customers away from your brand. Let customers experience more than one of them and your business is in real trouble.

Delivering Solutions: Shipa’s Value Proposition

Shipa Delivery understands that the key to success lies in going beyond mere delivery. By exploiting cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, Shipa offers a smooth, speedy, trouble-free last-mile delivery service for you and your customers.

What is Our Secret?

  1. We use advanced real-time tracking technologies to monitor the movement of all orders. With the Shipa Delivery app, you can easily manage your deliveries. With a few taps, you can track your packages, list your preferences, receive real-time updates, and perform contactless activities.

  2. Our technology enables us to monitor the progress of our delivery vehicles, allowing us to identify potential bottlenecks and reroute vehicles speedily.

  3. Data analytics helps us optimize delivery routes by considering traffic patterns, delivery windows, weather conditions, and customer preferences.

  4. Traffic jams, street closures, unexpected one-way streets, and lack of parking can derail the best-laid ecommerce delivery plans. We have installed a dynamic engine that alerts clients immediately if an unexpected situation arises.

  5. Up to 10% of all last-mile deliveries fail, mainly due to incorrect addresses or customers finding they cannot be at the agreed rendezvous point. Our technology harnesses platforms such as SMS, WhatsApp, live chat, and web links to allow customers to communicate with drivers should they need to adjust delivery instructions on the fly.

Using these logistics tools, we ensure that deliveries are not just on time but, in many cases, ahead of schedule.

The Next Level of Last-Mile Logistics

Shipa Delivery is not just a logistics provider; it's a partner in success for businesses looking to excel in the age of ecommerce. By elevating last-mile logistics, Shipa is raising the bar for excellence in the retail customer journey.

With Shipa, that journey doesn't end at the doorstep—it's just the beginning of a relationship built on trust, reliability, and innovation. So why not talk to our team to learn more about our services? We’ll be delighted to discuss how partnership with Shipa can enhance your brand’s standing with its customers and elevate your ecommerce performance.