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The Future Starts With You

We’re all about diversity, brightness, talent, and collaboration. Whatever your role at Shipa, you’ll be part of our family, with the shared goal of helping businesses and consumers thrive in the global digital economy.

Different team members of the Shipa family to represent your future career at Shipa
  • Hand holding globe for global exposure with Shipa
    Global Exposure
  • Balance to represent the empowerment of working with Shipa
    Empowered to Make a Difference
  • People meeting through monitors at Shipa
    Strong Culture
  • Office work representing hard working people at Shipa
    World-Class Talent

Open Positions


Logistics-Crazy Technophile

Are you fascinated by the idea of working in a logistics team that’s crazy about technology, or a technology team that loves logistics?

Either way, working with us would be a labor of love, but with more love and less labor. Join a team that works smarter, not harder, and welcomes you as a colleague, not a resource.

Shipa employees surfing on rockets

Why Work @ Shipa?

Want to know exactly why working at Shipa is special? It's because of our strong culture and drive to make a difference. You can expect global exposure and a collaborative work environment with a world-class team.
image of three people under a roof representing the Shipa family

We're your family away from home

Employee in front of computer at Shipa

Self-employed mentality and autonomy

employee in front of computer in meeting at Shipa

Empowered to make a difference

Global exposure to people and ideas

Cracking the most interesting puzzles

person working at Shipa with world-class talent

Working with world-class talent


At Shipa, no two days are the same, and no two colleagues are the same. You’ll be working with a diverse team of passionate professionals from a wide range of origins and backgrounds. You'll be empowered to make decisions and work flexibly, and you will never, ever, feel like a small cog in a big wheel.

One of Shipa Delivery special employees