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20 May 2022

What is Cross-Border Delivery?

The Ins and Outs of Cross-Border Delivery in the GCC What is Cross-Border Delivery? Cross-border delivery occurs when goods are t...

07 May 2022

SMS Delivery Notification for Retail Logistics: The Business Benefits

Texting has long been the first choice of logistics companies for communicating with staff, drivers, and customers. Studies have ...

15 Apr 2022

Sustainable Logistics in the Ecommerce Sector: Time to Go Green

The COVID-19 pandemic spurred a stampede toward online shopping. But while the trend has provided a windfall for ecommerce busine...

08 Apr 2022

How to Ensure Your Goods Clear GCC Customs

The customs clearance process at international borders is the most complex part of your parcel’s journey. Unless you take the tim...

15 Nov 2021

How to Reduce International Shipping Expenses

International shipping costs have skyrocketed due to a sharp reduction in capacity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

05 Nov 2021

Challenges of Delivering FMCGs in the GCC

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) are moving faster than ever, especially in the Gulf States. The Covid-19 pandemic has wrought ...

24 Oct 2021

DDP or DDU – Which Incoterm Works Best for You?

Sara was eagerly awaiting the delivery of a new pair of designer shoes, ordered online from an international retailer. When her d...

13 Oct 2021

How Packaging Optimization can Impact the Supply Chain

Packaging optimization in the supply chain refers to much more than presenting the consumer with a product in an attractive box o...

03 Oct 2021

Solutions for Retail Logistics Management

Moving goods from manufacturer to consumer is a long and involved process. On the surface, it may appear straightforward—package ...

15 Sep 2021

The Post Purchase Customer Journey and Why Ecommerce Businesses Should Op...

The Covid-driven growth in global ecommerce of the past 18 months is here to stay. Businesses in 2021 need to prepare for increas...

03 Sep 2021

Retail Logistics

The retail industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

15 Aug 2021

The High End of Retail Fashion and Luxury Delivery in the GCC

Until fairly recently, luxury brands had largely spurned online retail, considering it to be a platform for the sale and distribu...

01 Aug 2021

The Essentials of Same-Day Delivery in the GCC

It’s a sign of the pandemic times: Consumers in 2021 expect—not hope—to receive deliveries on the very same day that they place t...

15 Jul 2021

Artificial Intelligence: The Digital Brains Driving Ecommerce Success

The holy grail of all ecommerce data analysts is the ability to predict the future behavior of online consumers and, therefore, a...

03 Jul 2021

Logistics Optimization: Retail Supply Chain Best Practices

Working with the many moving pieces of a supply chain is one of the most complicated aspects of being a successful retailer.

15 Jun 2021

How to Improve Ecommerce Order Management in the GCC

When your online sales business is small, your ecommerce fulfillment is simple and you can easily manage it.....

03 Jun 2021

Pharmaceutical Products’ Deliveries in the GCC

Pharmaceutical products’ deliveries are risky anywhere in the world, but even more so in the GCC where temperatures can soar to a...

15 May 2021

A Quick Guide to Payment Gateways in the GCC

For any ecommerce enterprise today, the need for a secure online solution is paramount for customer confidence and to safeguard a...

07 May 2021

How the Pandemic has Boosted Doorstep Delivery for Banks

Doorstep delivery has been around for so long in most parts of the world it is now taken for granted that you can pick up a phone...

20 Apr 2021

Dark Stores With Delivery Services: Neo-Retail in the GCC

Are you exploring ways to change your business to adapt to life in a pandemic, like many retailers and other sales organizations ...