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We Put Last-Mile Delivery First

The delivery experience can make or break how customers feel about your brand. We help you get the last mile right. We will delight your customers with our safe and contactless delivery, strong customer support, and on-time service. Even better, we’ll make it easy for your business in the process. All it takes to manage your supply chain is just a few clicks.

Characters moving parcels for deliveries with Shipa Delivery

Delivered by Humans, Powered by Technology

Customer Dashboard

Live Tracking

Reports and KPIs


An easy-to-use dashboard gives you all the information you need to stay on top of delivery progress.

No more waiting, wondering, and contacting your logistics provider to chase up deliveries. See the progress of each delivery in real-time, from pickup at your facility, to your customer’s doorstep.

Our platform’s advanced reporting capabilities make it easy for you to measure performance, monitor progress, and see the statistics you need at a glance.

For total integration between your systems and ours, you can take advantage of our REST APIs, to automate and simplify delivery-order processing.

Delivered by Humans, Powered by Technology

Delivery Services

Domestic Shipping

International Shipping

Shipa Delivery’s domestic logistics services provide flexibility for your business and its clientele. Choose from on-demand, same-day, or next-day delivery, or use them all to provide tiered shipping options for your customers. Manage everything in one place via portal or API integration to our industry-leading digital platform.


On Demand Delivery

The ultimate in fast urban deliveries. We collect from your facility within an hour of your order, and deliver at a time that suits your customer.


Same Day Delivery

Our standard service for businesses that can’t afford to make shoppers wait. From checkout in your store, to delivery at their door, your customers receive gratification within hours, not days.


Next Day Delivery

When you need an affordable, yet competitive logistics solution, our next-day option ensures a standard of delivery service that’s cost-effective for your business, and timely for your customers.

Our product range provides your business with choices to satisfy your international shipping requirements. All products include flexible collection times, access to intuitive digital tools to manage your shipments, and electronic invoicing. Our online dashboard makes it simple to control and track your packages in real-time.


Air Network Solution

We offer streamlined customs clearance, end-to-end tracking, reliable transit times to key destinations, an extensive network, and international logistics expertise.


Road Network Solution

A cost-effective cross-border shipping option, featuring pre-import and final customs clearance services, real-time package tracking, and last-mile delivery.

Delivery Services

Benefits to Boost Your Business

Phone connecting with parcel for contactless delivery with Shipa Delivery

Contactless Delivery

Secure confidence with our contactless-delivery technology and practices. All delivery activity is social-distancing friendly, enabling remote proof-of-delivery and payment via customers’ personal devices.
Radar icon to represent end to end transparency with Shipa Delivery

End-to-End Transparency

You and your customers always have live access to advanced real-time order tracking, so you won’t spend hours fielding calls for status updates.
An Icon carrying Cargo for Shipa Delivery

Surge Capacity on Demand

Our extensive fleet of professional drivers and specially designed motorcycles, cars, vans, and trucks ensure that when you need us, we’re always there.
Wallet to represent teh payment options with Shipa Delivery

Payment Options

Give your customers a choice to pay at the checkout or with cash or card at the point of delivery.
24/7 support with Shipa Delivery

Support that’s Always On

We provide a range of support options to suit your customers, including telephone, email, WhatsApp, and live online chat.
Boxes for sclaing up or down the shipment requirements of your company with Shipa Delivery

Scale Up or Down

When you need to scale your delivery volume up or down, we can adjust our capacity to match your needs in next to no time.

Tailored Support for a Range of Verticals




Retail & Luxury



In ecommerce, deliveries are your business’ only face-to-face customer touchpoint, so making each delivery memorable is a key competitive advantage. We can help you enrich and improve your e-tail customer experience with our rapid parcel pickup, last mile delivery, and returns solutions, with full coverage in the GCC region.

Boost your banking-service performance beyond your branches or online platform with our tailored delivery services for financial institutions. We offer efficient mailroom management, same-day pickup and branch-to-branch package transfer, and fast delivery of credit cards, debit cards, and documents to your customers.

When you need a timely, temperature-controlled pharmaceutical logistics solution, Shipa Delivery is here to provide it. Achieve the flexibility your enterprise needs with our next-day, same-day, and on-demand transportation services and fast local delivery within the GCC.

Under pressure from your ecommerce competitors? Upgrade your conventional in-store business model to include sales over the phone or online with fast delivery to your shoppers homes or other preferred delivery locations. Secure more impulse-purchases by offering the convenience of on-demand delivery, with card or cash-on-delivery payment options.

Free your customers from grocery baggage, by doing the heavy lifting for them with fast home delivery. Add an online sales channel to your business, or let shoppers buy in store and have their groceries brought home for them. We’ll support you with a range of carriage and courier services, including live tracking. Our specialized grocery packaging will keep your customers’ produce at the peak of freshness and protected for perfect presentation.

Call on us any time for fast, responsive delivery of materials, equipment, or parts to your business units or customers. Partner with us for a telcoms logistics solution dedicated to your enterprise, offering seven-day-per-week, on-demand delivery of mobile phones and SIM cards, with activation by our trained drivers.

Tailored Support for a Range of Verticals

Local and Cross-Border Throughout the GCC

Map of the GCC to represent Shipa Delivery's zone of work