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16May 2019

The High Cost of Lousy Customer Service

Companies are losing billions because of lousy customer service. As noted by Forbes, bad service costs organizations more than $75 billion every year — up $13 billion from 2016 — creating a retail environment where 67 percent of customers are now “serial switchers,” willing to shift brand allegiance if businesses can’t deliver top-tier customer service.  …

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3May 2019

Middle East Consumer Expectations in the Amazon Era

As e-commerce competition heats up in the Middle East, and the “Amazon effect” comes to pervade the market by way of Amazon-acquired, your company’s ability to compete will depend upon understanding what customers in the region want, and how Amazon’s presence and influence might shape expectations going forward. It doesn’t necessarily mean you must …

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18Apr 2019

How to Prevent Mispicks in an E-Commerce Warehouse

In a previous post, we explored the impact of warehouse mispicks on e-commerce fulfillment operations. The picture was not pretty, but your business doesn’t have fall victim to frequent picking errors. Solutions range from manual prevention methods to partial or full warehouse automation.  Here, we’ll examine some of the options you could consider. So to …

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7Apr 2019

Your E-Commerce Returns Policy: What Should It Be?

Even for the largest e-commerce enterprises, developing a returns policy can be a process of trial and error, as evident from Amazon’s decision earlier this year to start closing the accounts of customers who exploit its lenient approach to returns. Ultimately, your returns policy will need to strike a balance between fostering trust with your …

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