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20 Jan 2020

New Shipa Mall Makes Shipping Easier, Cheaper for Gulf’s Online Shoppers

DUBAI – Jan. 20, 2020 – Shipa Mall, a new digital shipping platform, simplifies and cuts the cost of shipping online purchases to UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from outlets in North America, Europe and Asia.

By joining Shipa Mall, members get free mailing addresses. Online purchases they make from overseas merchants are routed to those addresses for onward shipment to the Gulf at discounted rates. Members can easily view and track the status of their purchases and deliveries online.

Gulf consumers typically have fewer choices and a narrower product selection when they buy at retail or from online sellers in the region. Shipa Mall gives them convenient, affordable access to the broader product selection available from overseas merchants and online sellers.

Shipa Mall is part of the Shipa group of services launched in 2018 by Agility, the Middle East’s largest logistics provider. Shipa Delivery, Shipa Freight and Shipa Ecommerce offer easy-to-use online tools that make it simpler for businesses and consumers to manage their logistics and shipping.

Borhene Ben Mena, CEO of Shipa Delivery, said Shipa Mall is “the easiest and most affordable way to ship the world to your door.”

Ben Mena said Shipa Mall was developed in response to frustrations expressed by customers. “Consumers buying internationally feel online shipping is too difficult and too costly, Shipa Mall aims to make it cheaper, easier, and much more transparent with real-time tracking and automated status notifications,” he said.

Shoppers joining Shipa Mall can choose from two membership plans. The free basic plan provides access to the international delivery addresses and pay-per-100-gram shipping. A subscription-based Premium plan reduces all international shipping fees by 30%. Both plans base shipping costs on the actual weight of packages, rather charging more based on dimensions or volume, which are more expensive.

Members can track their shipments with Shipa Mall’s personalized dashboards.