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28 Nov 2019

Retailers, Consumers, Logistics Providers – Get Ready for White Friday

Whether you are a traditional or online retailer, a last-mile logistics provider, or a consumer, you must be getting very excited about White Friday, the Middle East’s answer to Black Friday. Since the concept was introduced in 2014, its popularity has grown each year.

For the retailer, it is a chance to boost revenues in the year’s final quarter. For the consumer, it is an opportunity to bag a bundle of the best brands at bargain prices. And for logistics providers, it is an occasion when they can test their mettle with a deluge of deliveries.

Whether you are a shopper, a seller or a delivery provider, you will get more from White Friday with a little preparation. The following tips will help you get ready to cash in while the big day is still a couple of days out—and closing fast.

Retailers – Take Your Marks

As a seller, you should already have begun executing your White Friday marketing strategy. Still, thanks to the lightning speed of the Internet, it is not the end of the world if you haven’t.

Now is the time to get on your social media podium. Stand up and shout about the discounts and offers you’ll launch to tempt those shoppers waiting for the big day.

Don’t show all your cards up front. It is a great idea to have some surprise deals prepared, and to build shopper interest by promoting them—without revealing all the specifics—via social media posts and outreach emails.

Remember, savvy shoppers will be preparing in advance of White Friday, too, and you want your outlet to be the one they hit first when the little hand of the clock passes 12 on the big day. So, craft some tempting messages, make sure you replenish your inventory, and line up some extra customer service staff for the inevitable influx of calls. Then you can be ahead of the pack on White Friday.

Consumers – Get Set

If you are planning to be a White Friday shopper, you shouldn’t skip the retailer’s advice above, so if you skimmed past it, go back for a quick read.

Why? Because sellers heeding that advice will be getting ready to put up their posts on Facebook and other popular social media platforms.

While White Friday is full of opportunities for impulse purchases, a little planning and preparation can reap big rewards. Now is the time to take a look at any up-front information you can find from brands and sellers participating in the event. You might find that special something that you’ve had your eye on for ages will be available at an unrepeatably low price.

Try searching for White Friday deals relating to items on your wish list. Perform some searches on Google. Check out the social media pages of specialist sellers and other retailers. A firm plan to target specific items, and grab them when the sales open, might bring much more satisfaction—and less buyer’s regret—than an impulse-spending spree after the event kicks off.

Logistics Providers – Go, Go, Go!

At Shipa Delivery, we’re happy to share some tips for other delivery companies looking to benefit from the growing White Friday shipping volumes.

Remember, it’s much more costly to acquire new customers than to retain those you already have. White Friday will be one of those times when your regular patrons rely on you to uphold an outstanding customer experience. italic text

Do you have adequate resources in place to respond to the shipping spike?

Our team is busy brainstorming right now, with a laser focus on initiatives and ideas to get behind our key customers, and carry their brands’ good reputations, as well as their White Friday deliveries, across the GCC region.

Prep-Up for a Brighter, Whiter Friday

Whether you are a shopper, seller, or carrier, White Friday is an opportunity not to be missed. Be sure you don’t miss the biggest, brightest opportunities offered by this once-a-year retail fiesta.

Preparedness is the secret sauce for success at sale time, and the tips above will help you exploit the remaining weeks as the clock counts down. Spend the time wisely, and on White Friday 2019, you will be ready to take a deep breath, get on your mark, get set, wait for the starting gun—and go, go, go!