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Shipa Delivery Expands to Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain, Oman

Byshipa 29 Jun, 2019

Delivery leader now serving businesses, consumers in five GCC countries

DUBAI  (June 29, 2019)  – Shipa Delivery, a leading provider of local and cross-border delivery services in the Middle East, is now offering same-day, next-day and on-demand delivery in five GCC countries, expanding from its original market in the UAE, to launch operations in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman.

Shipa Delivery’s expansion comes amid a surge in demand across the Middle East by individual consumers and businesses of all sizes wanting more reliable, convenient, affordable deliveries of in-store and on-line purchases and important parcels of all sizes from credit cards to furniture.

Based in Dubai, Shipa Delivery has already delivered more than one million packages and established itself as the region’s most versatile, easy-to-use delivery provider.

“Shipa Delivery was designed specifically for the Middle East market,” said Borhene Ben Mena, CEO of Shipa Delivery. “Our technology, customer service, and understanding of these markets are what set us apart. We make life simpler for businesses and consumers.”

E-tailers, banks, telecom providers, pharmacies and other companies selling online or via e-commerce are increasingly turning to Shipa Delivery to be a trusted partner for important deliveries that must be made safely, reliably and efficiently. 

“Businesses know that their reputations are on the line with deliveries. Their delivery providers are often the only physical touch point they have with their customers, so everything has to go right in order to ensure customer satisfaction,” Ben Mena said. 

In addition to easy booking, Shipa Delivery offers online dashboards, analytics and APIs to help businesses manage deliveries and analyze performance. It also works with e-commerce companies to simplify fulfillment from warehousing through to delivery and payment processing.

The benefits for end users include Shipa Delivery’s two-hour delivery windows, a range of payment options, and a customer service available both online and by phone. Shipa Delivery also offers live delivery updates and real-time tracking, improved address locations, digital self-service, and customized delivery and reporting.


Shipa Delivery, a pioneer in tech-enabled delivery in the Middle East, is backed by Agility, one of the region’s largest logistics providers. 

“We use technology to innovate, while looking through the eyes of the customer,” Ben Mena said. 

Globally, the last-mile delivery market was worth an estimated $30 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $55 billion by 2025, according to The Market Reports.


About Shipa Delivery

UAE-based Shipa Delivery is a technology-first logistics provider, offering on-demand, same-day and next-day delivery for businesses and consumers. For enterprises, Shipa Delivery provides last-mile peace of mind with a suite of digital tools including APIs and dashboards. Shipa Delivery’s mobile app connects consumers with a fleet of on-demand mobile assistants, ready to pick up and drop off packages. All solutions include real-time, turn-by-turn tracking and status notifications for complete customer-visibility. To see how we enhance business and simplify life, download the Shipa Delivery app or visit


For more information about Shipa Delivery, visit






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